Terms of Services

This website contains the legal documents:

1. Website Disclaimer
2. Service legal agreement
3. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
4. Clients Responsibilities
5. Our Rights

The Disclaimer

This disclaimer guides you about using our website; you accept this disclaimer by using this website if you are not accepting it then you are any longer use of this website. ProxySite provides VPN, IP, WiFi Security & Authentication and Encryption services to its customers. You will use these services when you accept this agreement at your risk.

Services Legal Agreement

Some of the points are following You must not:

1. You cannot subscribe this website if you are under eighteen (18). You can only use when your supporting parents and other adult family members are with you.
2. You are not unable to use its services if you are under 13 or your age between 13 and 17 years old.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By visiting or using ProxySite services collectively, subscribers of this website agrees to be bound the terms and conditions of ProxySite that is provided it here. The privacy policy is found on this website for incoming modifications. By subscribing this website, visitors or subscribers accept the terms and conditions of services. If subscribers are not willing to agree to the terms and conditions of ProxySite then, this website will be forbidden for those subscribers in future.

Clients Responsibilities

You are being the agent responsible for:

1. Provide original and accurate account information
2. Maintaining and security of the account
3. Assuring the account is used by original legal owner
4. Services will not be transferred to any third party. It will be transferred by original account holder who is created an account on this website
5. You can only buy less than five connections not more than this.

Fees for Subscriptions

When you sign up for the service utilization, payment will be charged on the spot according to selected packages. It can be a day, month, years and lifetime package. Lifetime package depends on the service level. Payment method is automatic; the new subscription will automatically renew when your first paid service is over. You can buy less than five connections with one account, but pay will be different for every connection according to packages which you purchased. You can cancel the subscription of any link at any time. Remaining connections will remain same in your account. ProxySite offers a gift subscription card for long time subscribers. It can be very on the occasions that will be conducted by this website at any time. Most importantly, this website has fully right to change their prices for any package at any time.

Refund Policy

First of all, when you pay a nice amount for subscriptions then you deserve best in class service from us but in any case, if you are not entirely satisfied with our provided services then you have right to ask for your given money to us. But there is a condition from our side to our beloved clients that refund will be available after seven days when you purchased one of them the package. Lifetime packages have full option to refund amount at any time.

Our Rights

Although ProxySite is best in class and attitude we have right to close your account at any time without notifying you before closing. There will be two reasons for closing your account from our website. Firstly, if you will not pay charges for your next subscription package, this website will be able to close or ban your account from this service. Secondly, this website can close their services for more ant any time due to some valid and proper solid reasons to not serving our service for more then you will be unable to subscribe our service.


You all agree with our rules and regulations to use our services. You must agree for the following activities:
1. Denial-of-service (“DOS”) attacks to this website or third party by using this service
2. Sending or receiving advertising spam links or non-commercial “junk mail.”
3. Bustling with the service to any other client, agent or host which cut back the top-notch quality of our services for other customers

Legal Exemption

Subscribers of this website agrees to support and legal immunity and hold future loss, its agents, workers, officers, corporations, damages and losses arising from:
1. Your caused any serious injury or damage to any third-party
2. Your disregard promises, rules or contracts of any Term and condition of services
3. Infraction of any third party including copyright, patent of invention, privacy right or distinctive characteristics, style mark
4. Your use and admittance to the ProxySite or its services

Limitation of Obligation

This site owner and its employees, officers, directors or workers be liable at risk to you for any mishap, injury, direct and indirect resulting from any:
1. Accuracy issues, errors or omissions in any existing content of this website
2. Any harmful bug or virus which is sent to your computer by any third party or through our website
3. Any illegal approach to using our proactive server or any private information
4. Any delaying or interruption of transmission from our website server
5. Any personal injury through our services of this website during use


Subscriber warrants that all of the provided information on this website is accurate, correct and authenticate information and you have right to add up further detailed information in this agreement. As you all know that there is a condition to using our website and its services by accepting the term and conditions, privacy policy and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) Policy of this website.